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Why should we invest on Gold?

December 4th, 2017 /

Due to inflation, everyone is facing money related problems. But did you ever think that why it’s happening? The inflation rate is increasing day by day. So we have to know the WHY at first. So let me share the hidden secrets of money.

First of all, you have to know that the money and the currency both are different. In previous, the people are using barter system for the transaction. Where they have to exchange some goods or service. But it’s very difficult to carry those items.

After that, the people had realized that the gold is precious because they didn’t get it so easily. So they start the transaction by gold and the gold becomes the currency on that time.  But they found some problems to carry that gold coins also. So they start to find some alternatives.

Here some people are found a business opportunity to this. So those people start to keep safe others gold with a small fee and provide a receipt of that gold to them.  By using those bills people can buy items and it’s become the currency on that time.

Today as per rule, the bank can print the money as much as gold they reserved. But they didn’t follow the rule. They start printing currency as much as they need and this is the main reason for inflation.

So if you have RS 100 then that means you have some gold which is similar to that RS 100 and it’s kept by the bank. Day by day the value of that 100RS will be decreased but if we can start investing in gold then that will be the actual money for us because the gold is not affected by inflation.

To survive from this inflation we have to think about a business instead of doing a job. Today it’s very easy to start an online business. By creating a website you can start a business. You can easily setup a WordPress site by installing a premium wp theme or you can set up a static website with premium bootstrap template. For more to set up a premium wp theme or to set up a premium bootstrap template you can contact with me.

To know more you can read the book Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver: Protect Your Financial Future – By Micheal Maloney.