Which one should we use to make an html, Bootstrap or Media Query

August 4th, 2018 /

Two distinct approaches in order to make an HTML can be either via Bootstrap or Media queries. Bootstrap is a substructure which aids in creating approachable web pages. However, when it comes to implementation SEO Friendly Bootstrap Template is more preferable. As in that case, all that you are required to know is the groundwork of the Bootstrap grid system and Bootstrap classes. It is not necessary for you to have any knowledge based on media queries if you are opting for the Bootstrap procedure. Further in my content today, I would focus more on why using Bootstrap is a better way to create an HTML instead of the media query.

Since Bootstrap is a well tested out configuration, your pages are bound to work in a perfectly consistent manner across all browsers. Not only that, in comparison, Bootstrap is really builder friendly. Its incorporation is not intimidating at all. All you need is a few hours to start developing your Responsive web design while using SEO Friendly Bootstrap Template.

If you opt for making approachable websites or HTML using media queries it will consume more time than that when made by Bootstrap. Another problem you encounter while using media query is that you will have to try out the pages that you have created with all the browsers to check for issues if any.

Bootstrap, that is developed by a designer from Twitter, has emerged as one of the most popular front-end bodyworks in the entire world. Prior to becoming an open source, Bootstrap was recognized as Twitter Blueprint. The advantages it has are numerous. Bootstrap is perceptive, overcoming, and has a front-end structure. SEO Friendly Bootstrap Theme has a large number of benefits over media queries due to a large number of resources that are accessible to Bootstrap.

It is exceptionally simple and a rapid methodology to begin with. Apart from that, Bootstrap is very flexible too. With the use of pre-existing classes of Bootstrap, you can identify the count of spots in the grid system that you would want each column to grip. Then only you can recognize the point at which you would want your columns to load in a horizontal site, instead of vertical to display correctly on mobile appliances.

The Bootstrap can be customized according to the designs of your project. The web developers can make an alternative to select the aspects which are essential and that can be simply acquired by using Bootstrap customize page. In media query the case involves complexities. Whereas, in Bootstrap you just have to strike off all the aspects that you do not require, be it typography, grid system or anything alike. Hence, your custom genre of Bootstrap is all ready for the download procedure.

I hope my article has been able to convince you as a reader that though you can use the media query to make an HTML, SEO Friendly Bootstrap Template can always be a better option.

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