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What is the best way to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

November 19th, 2017 /

Well, It’s very difficult to say that what is better for you but I can say that how did I learn.

HTML is a language which helps us to make a web structure. To learn HTML you need to know some basics. Please visit https://www.w3schools.com/to learn HTML & CSS basics.

Once you understand the basic then you just need to search on google for a free HTML template with PSD. Simply download that file.

Now just open that PSD in Photoshop and open the HTML and CSS in HTML editor like Dreamweaver. Now find those classes in your CSS file which is used in your HTML. Just try to modify those classes. By modifying those classes you will understand a lot.

Now try to convert that PSD to HTML by your own. As a reference, you can get some idea from that existing HTML/CSS but make sure that you are not going to copy that.

At the beginning maybe it will be so hard but day by day when you are growing then it’s become easy to you.

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