7 reasons to use seo friendly wordpress theme in 2018

July 30th, 2018 /

SEO friendly WordPress theme – A boon to all.

Generally, Start-ups and entrepreneurs have a bagful of innovative ideas but they are short on cash. Typically speaking, most start-ups comprehend that for evolving in their field their presence on the internet is integral as well as remunerative. A website acts as an appropriate and a worth-while place to describe your scheme. In fact, an SEO friendly WordPress theme is an ideal choice for all start-ups.

In my post further, I have mentioned seven convincing reasons as to why SEO friendly WordPress theme is a welfare idea.

1. WordPress is Dependable

SEO friendly WordPress theme is a platform that is assisted by a group of thousands of executive coders, testers and builders. Currently, it is the “Leading Content Management Service” present on the internet. It depends on certain sound technologies like PHP, SQL to name a few. WordPress remains for much longer and never stops elevating as a platform.

2. WordPress is Free of Cost

As mentioned earlier, Start-ups are short on cash, nothing could be better for you than the fact that a lot of SEO friendly WordPress theme is entirely free. WordPress is not owned by anyone. The users are permitted free updates, innumerable themes, etc. These privileges enable the users a smooth-start, consequently saving both time and money.

3. In WordPress, Your Data Is Your Own.

At the onset, many business firms are uncertain about the practical application. They are disinclined to spend on a software they are not sure about. Hence, moving on to some other platform can be disorderly. So ultimately they get stuck with the obsolete software.
However, this is not the case with SEO friendly WordPress theme. Your data will be entirely yours. You can drift it from WordPress to any other platform.

4. WordPress Can Function On Mobile Phones.

The technology used by WordPress is consistent with creating web pages for mobiles. This platform also offers premium as well as free themes that automatically range to the size of the concerned user screen. Certain mobile apps like Android also furnish WordPress on phones.

5. WordPress is in Compliance with Plugins

Various websites have various needs. Where one wants to sell products others may want communities that can interact. WordPress propounds a fundamental platform for all websites. Permitting them to include the functions they need. The functions are incorporated by way of separate plugins or custom coding.

6. WordPress Can Range with Your Business

Initially, most start-ups are uncertain about their growth. They keep things a bit low. However, if you really want to evolve, you need to let your ideas grow. WordPress is an ideal platform that can fit your requirements. It allows you to begin slow and then range up to run high-level organizations. It runs equally good for small blogs as well as huge firms.

7. WordPress is Safe

Security is the primary concern for any website, most significantly where delicate information like budgetary is associated. Reputed names like ‘The Obama Foundation’ use this Platform. This further guarantees the security of WordPress. To increase your security, plugins can be installed. Further, the team at WordPress is always overseeing security threats.

Thus, SEO friendly WordPress theme is literally a boon!

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