7 reasons to use seo friendly wordpress theme in 2018

July 30th, 2018 /

SEO friendly WordPress theme – A boon to all.
Generally, Start-ups and entrepreneurs have a bagful of innovative ideas but they are short on cash. Typically speaking, most start-ups comprehend that for evolving in their field their presence on the internet is integral as well as remunerative. A website acts as an appropriate and a worth-while place to describe your scheme. In fact, an SEO friendly WordPress theme is an ideal choice for all start-ups.

How to start a blog with WordPress?

July 9th, 2018 /

If you can write a good article then I must say that you should start your own blog. You can use it as a passive earning source. When your blog becomes popular then you can start AdSense on your blog. Once your AdSense account is activated then you will get money from Google. Now let me share that how can you start a blog.

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